Saturday, 2 August 2014

Signature (McEwan's)

Signature (McEwans)
Name: Signature
Label: "Rich & Subtly - Our Brewer's Favourite"
Brewery: McEwan's
ABV: 5.2%

Rating: "Our head brewer carefully blends the finest malts, hops and natural mineral water to produce this rich, full-bodied beer. Signature is a fruity, chestnut coloured classic ale he's justifiably proud of."  Great beer, even the purple label is pleasing.

Game: Done Wolfenstein: The New Order. Now THAT is how to do FPS. If anyone is making an FPS game, go and talk to Bethesda first please. They are the Besth at making FPS. The only downside to the whole experience: entered my code for the Doom beta and the website said to expect an email within five minutes to confirm the email address. No email. Now what? Just realised I've gone a whole sentence without saying FPS. FPS.