Thursday, 23 March 2017

No. 5 - The Purple Panther (Hatherwood)

The Purple Panther (Hatherwood)
Name: The Purple Panther
Label: "No. 5 - Porter"
Brewery: Hatherwood
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "This Purple Panther is dark, silky and deeply delicious. This full-bodied and muscular blend has coffee roast bitterness at its core. Speciality sugar adds a distinctive toffee flavour to this sleek and smoky malted porter."

Game: SO we got our Mass Effect Andromeda review code (also known as Play First with EA Access) and we're well impressed so far. Not seen any problems with how characters' gobs move or any other bugs or glitches that everyone seems to be moaning on about. The opening few hours reminds us quite a bit of the first Mass Effect, but with way snazzier graphics. And a different story. And different characters. Full review coming not very soon, because the game is quite big.

Initial rating: 8 probiotics out of 10

No. 4 - The Ruby Rooster (Hatherwood)

The Ruby Rooster (Hatherwood)
Name: The Ruby Rooster
Label: "No. 4 - Ruby Ale"
Brewery: Hatherwood
ABV: 3.8%

Tasting notes: "This Ruby Rooster Ale is a bold and proud British classic, craft-brewed using Burton water and 100% British barley. A blend of Pale, Crystal & Chocolate malts deliver a delicious toffee malt flavour ensuring that this ale sits right at the top of the pecking order."

Game: Yet another free game reviewed! Banner Saga 2. Great game, we like the turn based combat, all the powers and horsey people and stuff. The story was incomprehensible gibberish though but we suspect playing the first Banner Saga would help with that. There are some big people, some less big-sized people, a big dude with an arrow stuck him who's kinda dead (?), the aforementioned horsey people, some black armoured baddies and a big snake thing that looks like an eel. Mix 'em all up and throw in some magic and BOOM - a story about travelling across the countryside.

Rating: 7 campsites out of 10

No. 3 - The Amber Adder (Hatherwood)

The Amber Adder (Hatherwood)
Name: The Amber Adder
Label: "Amber Ale - No. 3"
Brewery: Hatherwood
ABV: 4.3%

Tasting notes: "This Amber Adder Ale is a dry-hopped, craft-brewed blend with bite! Lashings of big flavour American hops add sharpness and venom to dark coffee and toffee undertones."

Game: Free game with Xbox Live Gold: Layers of Fear.  Brilliant game, great atmosphere, creepy af. Actually jumped more times playing this than during Resident Evil 7. I did really bad at it too and got the ending that doesn't even class as a proper ending!

8 scaries out of 10

Sunday, 5 March 2017

No. 2 - The Green Gecko (Hatherwood)

The Green Gecko (Hatherwood)
Name: The Green Gecko
Label: "IPA - No. 2"
Brewery: Hatherwood Craft Beer Company
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "The Green Gecko IPA is a tropical thunder-storm of big flavour new world hops with a peppery lemon zest finish. This unblinking classic is underpinned by a biscuit malt taste, allowing the bold exploration of frontier flavours."

Game: Xbox Live free Games with Gold time! Project Cars is great. It's got cars and race tracks and you drive really fast around the track to get back to the start and if you do this before everyone else then you are the winner. Looks nice, strange music, we like the format better than Forza Horizon 3.

Rating: 8 laps out of 10

Thursday, 16 February 2017

No. 1 - The Golden Goose (Hatherwood)

The Golden Goose (Hatherwood)
Name: The Golden Goose
Label: "Golden Ale - No. 1"
Brewery: Hatherwood
ABV: 3.8%

Tasting notes: "This Golden Goose Ale has been traditionally craft-brewed using Burton water and 100% British barley. Pale and Crystal malts combined with Fuggle and Styrian Golding hops deliver a refreshing and full-bodied flavour showing that this ale is not afraid to stick its neck out!"

Game: This week we've been giving the For Honor Beta a whirl. Firstly, we spotted a typo, they spelt "Honour" wrong... but as it's Ubisoft we'll let them off. Second thing that strikes us about For Honor [sic] is that it feels more like a fighter than a third-person hack 'n slash. That's about it for now folks... [I think we need to write more - Ed]. Erm.. ok, the graphics are great? The full game will have a single player mode but the focus is more on multiplayer? [Enough! - Ed]

Rating: 7 hacks out of 10

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Amber Stone (Marstons)

Amber Stone (Marstons)
Name: Amber Stone
Label: "Extraordinary Character - Rich and malty nose with a hint of apple fruit"
Brewery: Harper's Brewing Co. - Brewed by Marston's Brewery [wtf?]
ABV: 4.4%

Tasting notes: "Notice the smooth caramel flavours from crystal malts with a lightly dry and nutty texture to finish. Fresh, soft earthy and hedgerow aroma from old world hops. All that sweetness is balanced out by a rounded but robust bitterness"

Game: This week we've mostly been scared w(sh)itless on Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. It's great. It's given us some great ideas for the office refurbishment plan too. Basically we're going to have random lumps of statue that when you hold them up at a certain angle, the shadow they cast onto the wall will complete a picture that will then cause a secret door to open in the wall enabling us to get to another area of the office where a much needed item is kept, probably the stapler or the hole puncher thingy.

Rating: 7 office refurbs out of 10.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Fire in the Hole (Fallen Angel)

Fire in the Hole (Fallen Angel)
Name: Fire in the Hole
Label: "Chili Beer"
Brewery: Fallen Angel Brewery
ABV: 4.9%

Tasting notes: "A golden ale flavoured with fresh green chilli. The beer has the aromatic taste of the fresh chilli with moderate heat."  Amazing spicy beer! It also has spicy nuts!

Game: Back on Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition as we wait impatiently for Resident Evil 7. In a recent post we stated that Sleeping Dogs was set in Shanghai. This is completely inaccurate and we apologise for any offence this may have caused. Sleeping Dogs is set in Hong Kong, a whole 762 miles away from Shanghai. The idiot buffoon of a writer that wrote the original post has been suspended without pay and summarily executed. When he returns we're sending him on a geography training boot-camp to learn about maps and reading and stuff.

Sleeping Dogs rating: still 8 out of 10.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

North Bridge Brown Ale (Harpers)

North Bridge Brown Ale (Harpers)
Name: North Bridge Brown Ale
Label: "A lightly hopped ale, with a sweet chocolate caramel flavour"
Brewery: Harper's Brewing Co
ABV: 4.7%

Tasting notes: "Brown ales are lightly hopped, so the sweet chocolate and caramel flavours of the lightly roasted malts should be front and central on this beer. A rich dark chestnut colour with a creamy richness achieved by brewing with oats."

Game: GamingAles loves figurines and game related collector's editions. Ubisoft do the best ones though. It's official. The detail of the Assassin's Creed range for example is amazing compared to the Batman Arkham Knight collector's edition. This appeared in CEX and just looks like a lump of cheap black plastic roughly resembling the Gotham skyline and Batman. And now we notice the Resident Evil 7 collector's edition doesn't even include the game. What the actual...

Ubisoft rating: 10 levels of detail out of 10.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Red Rye IPA (Great British Brewing)

Red Rye IPA (Great British Brewing)
Name: Red Rye IPA
Label: "A full bodied mouthfeel with hints of passion fruit & peaches with notes of pine & citrus fruits"
Brewery: The Great British Brewing Co
ABV: 4.7%

Tasting notes: "Red in colour this Rye IPA has aromas of pine and citrus fruits. There is a full-bodied mouthfeel with hints of passion fruit and peaches, leading to a dry finish tinged with the spiciness of the rye."

Game: This is a movie review about a game so still counts because it's game related. Assassin's Creed!  Seems to have had mixed reviews for some reason. It's got assassins, hidden blades, leaps of faith, stabbings, apples of Edens and an Animuss'ss. What the HELL is not to like about this movie? Nothing, that's what. It's great. Pre-ordered it on 3D blu-ray already.

Rating: 9 Fassbenders out of 10

Friday, 30 December 2016

Wild Bills IPA (Harpers)

Wild Bills IPA (Harpers)
Name: Wild Bills IPA
Label: "American IPA - Biscuit and spice balance with big hop citrus fruit aromas."
Brewery: Harper's
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Pale ale biscuity malt flavours reinforced by spicy crystal rye malt and a sweet full bodied mouthfeel. Well balanced with big American hop aromas for a peppery lemon zest and tropical citrus fruit hit."

Game: Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection includes all the DLC. So it was with some surprise when I was completely unable to locate the Da Vinci Disappearance missions in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood having played through the main story missions. Being thick does have it downsides it would seem. For others in the same thicky boat, the Da Vinci Disappearance can be found by going to the "Restored Memory" icon on the map which be looking like this: