Wednesday, 25 May 2016

MPA (JW Lees)

MPA (JW Lees)
Name: MPA
Label: "Manchester Pale Ale - Refreshing golden ale"
Brewery: JW Lees
ABV: 4.1%

Tasting notes: "MPA is a golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty and Mount Hood hops. It's brewed especially for bottle to capture the full, hoppy character of our cask beer - it's the perfect alternative to draught MPA."

Game: Only a few days until the final Witcher 3 DLC lands. Blood and Wine.  I was hoping for Blood and Ale, or even just Lager, but I'll settle for Blood and Wine I guess. I love the Witcher series and want more more more but Marcin Iwinski (job title: Big Wig in Witcher-land) said in an interview, "I can assure you we are not working on another Witcher".  You can't assure negative things you foolish genius Witcher game inventorer! It's against the laws of physics or something. So this means they must actually be making a Witcher 4!  Phew, glad that's sorted. I'm going to call my mate Marcin now for a release date. Speak soon. x

Friday, 29 April 2016

The Winter Warmer (Hogs Back Brewery)

The Winter Warmer (Hogs Back Brewery)
Name: The Winter Warmer
Label: "Spiced Dark Beer - Brewed with strong notes of mulled winter spices"
Brewery: Hogs Back Brewery
ABV: 5.5%

Tasting notes: "The Winter Warmer is a spicy and dark number made from four extra special malts, each of which impart a unique flavour on this complex, well-rounded and full bodied dark ale. A very special mulling syrup is added to this rich initial flavour leaving the tastes of the season dancing merrily on your tongue!" It's nearly May but the weather is like winter!

Game: Available now via EA Access, FIFA 16!  Having read none of the marketing or promotional stuff, I can't yet tell what's different between 16 and 15, other than the number has gone up by... hang on... *counts fingers*... one. The graphics do look slightly better actually.  It's about football. It's great. It's still better than PES. Rating: 8/10  

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Daring Diver (Badger)

Daring Diver (Badger)
Name: Daring Diver
Label: "New beer in the sett"
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 4.7%

Tasting notes: "Other ducks stick to rivers and ponds, this mischievous mallard bravely ventures to the brewery gates to pinch prized hops blown wayward from the stores. His boldness inspires this amber beer, brewed with Slovenian Celeia hops. Enjoy with chicken pie and creamy pasta dishes."

Game: New game time! And Quantum Break is about time! Great timing, Battlefront is starting to get on my tits!  Quantum Break is utterly brilliant. It's super-slick with TV show quality production values. And there also a TV show with TV show quality production values in between each chapter to flesh out the story.  It's about a bloke who is suddenly really ace with guns but can manipulate time as well. And in the story you go back in time and it turns out you're actually your own mum. It's crazy-good. Rating: 9 out of time.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Wild Wader (Badger)

Wild Wader (Badger)
Name: Wild Wader
Label: "New beer in the Sett"
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 4.2%

Tasting notes: "In the lagoon of Brownsea Island, you can find the Wild Wader striding proudly in the morning haze. This amber brew combines an aromatic collection of British, Slovenian and New World hops for a refreshing easy-drinking beer. Great with fish & chips."

Game: Right, first off, I totally loved Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood. Bethesda did great, which makes the Doom Beta all the more surprising. It's terrible. Your avatar feels like you're floating around the map rather than running, it looks and plays like a last-gen title and everything seems twice as fast as it should be. At one point I was circling around a bit of scenery shooting at an enemy and it felt like a sped up Benny Hill nightmare in hell, thankfully without the sexism. Weapons have no visual punch and enemies just pop in a shower of disappearing blood and gaudy looking pickups.  If the single-player campaign has the same feel to it then we're Doomed. And not in a good way. Back to Star Wars Battlefront we go... 2/10.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Old Engine Oil (Harviestoun)

Old Engine Oil (Harviestoun)
Name: Old Engine Oil
Label: "Rich - Bittersweet - Viscous- Black ale - Crafted with a twist"
Brewery: Harviestoun
ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes: "Legend has it that Old Engine Oil was dedicated to our Head Brewer's love of classic cars. But it's the thick, dark, chocolatey viscosity that reveals the real inspiration behind the name. We use loads of roasted malt to give it a rich black colour and plenty of oats to give it a wonderful, velvety mouthfeel. It's just the job for anyone who appreciates beautifully engineered stuff that used to be made properly. So undo the top button of your pressed pit overalls, ease into the wingback and roll out a rare taste of a truly great British beer. Welcome to the Owners' Club"

Game: Just read something about No Man's Sky that brags of over '18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion) planets to explore...'. Now I don't mean to by cynical, but the cynic in me suggests that this will probably include a desert planet, a watery planet, a foresty planet, a snowy planet and 18 quintillion combinations of these. Strikes me as quite boring and/or pointless, or at least potentially one of the most difficult achievements ever. Plus there's no such thing as that number, it's impossible to have a number that big. And even if such a number existed, there's no way they could have counted all the planets. I quite like the idea of owning my own planet though if that's a thing within the game?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Raspberry Wheat (Meantime)

Raspberry Wheat (Meantime)
Name: Raspberry Wheat
Label: "London"
Brewery: Meantime Brewery
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Based on a pale, lightly hopped wheat beer, the refreshingly crisp fruitiness, aroma and rich colour come from the addition of fresh raspberry purée during maturation. Balancing tartness with sweetness, on its own it is a delicious aperitif, as well as being a great partner for goat's cheese, rich pâté or anything chocolatey."

Game: Currently doing some caveman-ing in Far Cry Primal. It's great being able to tame the wild beasties. You can also "pet" them too which is American for "stroke". And then you can even ride some of them (get on their backs) and rip enemies to shreds with your cat's massive teeths and claws.  This is just like Kinectimals on the Xbox 360, the only exception being you can't buy them fancy pink collars. Rating: Amazing, 8 tigers out of 10.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hazelnut Brownie (Batemans)

Hazelnut Brownie (Batemans)
Name: Hazelnut Brownie
Label: "Chocolate, fudge and hazelnut brownie in a glass!"
Brewery: Batemans
ABV: 6.3%

Tasting notes: "This beer is deliciously fudgy, rich and of course nutty!  It is brimming with richness whilst boasting the subtle flavours of cinnamon and belgian chocolate. Serve in a large wine glass for maximum aroma."  This ale tastes extraordinary. It really is like drinking choclatey fudgey beer. Amazing stuff!

Game: Tom Clancy's The Division Beta is here! And... er... it looks good. But when I'm shooting the identikit looters I just can't shake the feeling that I want to get back to Star Wars Battlefront. I like shooting identikit Stormtroopers you see. The RPG elements look quite good and it seems like there's going to be plenty of longevity and looting of the looters etc. Initial thoughts is it's Destiny but with lots of open car doors that need closing.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Wainwright Golden Ale (Thwaites)

Wainwright Golden Ale (Thwaites)
Name: Wainwright Golden Ale
Label: "Exquisitely Lovely"
Brewery: Thwaites
ABV: 4.1%

Tasting notes: "Inspired by Alfred Wainwright, famous for his Lakeland Fells guide books. This refreshing, golden ale has been brewed with the same loving care that Alfred Wainwright put into creating his inspirational hand drawn walking guides. In keeping with a walk on the Fells, this beautifully balanced beer is a 'breath of fresh ale'."  Being able to breath in ale would be pretty cool. Might sting a bit though.

Game: So for the first time since 1993 there's not going to be a new annual Assassin's Creed game released. After I'd finished weeping profusely into my empty glass of ale, I drank the beer flavoured tears and realised it's probably for the best.  They can hopefully work on something even amazinger for 2017 and there's also the film on its way in late 2016.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dirty Stop Out (Tiny Rebel)

Dirty Stop Out (Tiny Rebel)
Name: Dirty Stop Out
Label: "Smoked Oat Stout"
Brewery: Tiny Rebel
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Dirty Stop Out is our smoked oat stout that has all the characteristics of a heavy night out. Complex, dark, with hints of smokiness and perfume aromas. A blend of 9 malts matched up with a firmly hopped back bone make this a very self assured stout."

Game: Movie tie-in games weren't always shit you know.  GamingAles isn't a massive fan of retro games to be honest, what with the blocky simplistic graphics, wonky controls and heinous music and sound effects. HOWEVER, there were some absolute gems. Batman The Movie and The Untouchables to name but two. They were great even without the nostalgia effect... so without looking at them through ass-tinted glasses.  I liked them so much I wrote an actual "article" or "piece" about them and how they were way better than some of the more recent shite that was released for Xbox 360. So, this months feature article is Nostalgia vs Movie Tie-Ins.  I give this article 2/10.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dizzy's Dark Side (Robinsons)

Dizzys Dark Side (Robinsons)
Name: Dizzy's Dark Side
Label: "Dark oak coloured ale with a clean crisp aroma"
Brewery: Robinsons
ABV: 3.8%

Tasting notes: "A dark side. We all have one, isn't that what makes us exciting? Keeps us on our toes? This dominating dark oak coloured beer boasts a full bodied roast malt flavour with hints of chocolate, balanced by a clean crisp hop character. It's the darker, more seductive older sister of our best selling Dizzy Blonde. An alluring taste that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more... After all, who said that blondes have all the fun."

Game: There's going to be a new Lego game! Who'd have thought! To be fair though, I like a Lego game as much as the next person but with the announcement of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens I can't help but think why can't we have a proper Force Awakens game? A proper Jurassic Park game? A proper Lord of the Rings game? And not just any old shit either. I mean to the standard of the Batman Arkham series. Make it so, game makery people!