Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Workie Ticket (Mordue)

Workie Ticket (Mordue)
Name: Workie Ticket
Label: "The original Mordue Brewery was situated on Wallsend village green and run by Joseph Mordue., a brewer of distinction in the 19th Century. In 1995, over 100 years later, two brothers revived Joseph Mordue's superb ales, their range of beers gaining both local and national awards."
Brewery: Mordue
ABV: 4.5%

Rating: "Workie Ticket is a tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying bitter finish. Well worthy of the title 'Champion Beer of Britain 1997' and 'Gold Medal Best Bitter Award 2013'"  It's cool that Sauron has now started brewing beer!

Game: Happy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Day! I've actually had it for a while now, cos I'm like a proper journalist who gets 'review code' and everything! Not really, my pre-order just arrived a bit early... ANYway, this is the part where I sell all my other games because I'm only going to be playing Witcher 3 for the foreseeable future! YES! It is that good! And there's no tacked on, pointless, multiplayer shite taking up precious disk space. Game On!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hot Cross Bunny (Wychwood)

Hot Cross Bunny (Wychwood)
Name: Hot Cross Bunny
Label: "Golden Ale - No Fluff - Bringing taste to Easter time"
Brewery: Wychwood
ABV: 3.8%

Tasting notes: "This golden treat from deep within the Wych Wood, delivers a hearty dose of spicy cinnamon with a faint hint of clove, bringing Easter to the taste buds."  Still drinking this even though Easter was several weeks ago. It's that good!

Game: Assassin's Creed: Unity season pass holders get Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China for "free" this week. It's a lovely looking 2.5D side-scrolling platformer with an emphasis on stealth rather than fighting. Fighting still features though with swords and daggers and the hidden blade concealed in a shoe. Not any old shoe though, handily it's the shoe on the end of the leg of the character you're controlling. Kick stab!  Rating: 8/10

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Lovestruck (Madness Brewing Co)

Lovestruck (Madness Brewing Co)
Name: Lovestruck
Label: "Craft brewed with a big hoppy hit - Beers with a touch of madness"
Brewery: Madness Brewing Co
ABV: 4.4%

Rating: "Ladies and Gentlemen, for your drinking pleasure Madness bring you a selection of the finest beers to ever pass your lips. An idea born in the Dublin Castle (the very pub where we played our first gigs), Madness Beers go one step beyond with flavour and style.  Lovestruck a superb Hoppy Amber Ale, has been brewed by our friends at Portobello Brewery. Filled with a floral and berry hop character that tickles the nose followed by coffee and hazelnut aromas, it's a good beer to savour and enjoy with good friends and good conversation. And whilst Lovestruck might not have you spilling out your deepest feelings to your loved one, it will make you fall in love with beer all over again. Cheers!"

Game: Madness. Playing Dark Souls 2 is madness. Luckily I've spotted a decent guide on Eurogamer's site, so I don't feel quite so alone. Eurogamer has my back. I mean who knew you'd have to talk to that bloke five times whilst he's crawling around on his hands and knees, for him to then give you a key to the mansion?  How do you parry by the way?

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hertford Castle (McMullen)

Hertford Castle (McMullen)
Name: Hertford Castle
Label: "Strong Ale - brewed with fine aroma hops"
Brewery: McMullen
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "This premium beer from McMullen's Whole Hop Brewery is brewed in honour of Hertford Castle, once a Royal Palace and the home of Queen Elizabeth I for much of her childhood. A strong ale, Hertford Castle combines natural whole leaf aroma hops, best Suffolk malted barley and McMullen's own pure spring water. The result is a traditional English Bitter with a distinctively floral character fit for King and Queen."

Game: Ffffffffiddlesticks, I missed National Beer Day!  Although I'm not totally sure it's actually a thing... and if it is it's probably American. But I'm going to drink beer tonight instead anyway, with a nice session of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Praise the sun! Maybe today can be National Dark Souls Day.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Artesian Light Ale (Shepherd Neame)

Artesian Light Ale (Shepherd Neame)
Name: Artesian Light Ale
Label: "Brewed with Artesian water"
Brewery: Shepherd Neame
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: "This thirst-quenching ale is hand-crafted using chalk-filtered mineral water from the artesian well deep below our brewery. Golden in colour, the beer combines fresh citrus hop notes with smooth biscuity malts, creating a crisp, refreshing finish."

Game: For Xbox 360, free game 1 is Gears of War: Judgment. It may have a misspelt title but it's actually a pretty good game nonetheless, especially for NOWT!   Game 2: Terraria, indie game which doesn't look to be my cup of tea to be honest - I'm all for style over substance at the moment. Rated quite well on proper review sites though, so let's go for it!

Tod's Blonde (Little Valley Brewery)

Tods Blonde (Little Valley Brewery)
Name: Tod's Blonde
Label: "Cool and crisp - organic bottle conditioned"
Brewery: Little Valley Brewery
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "Ted's Blonde is a bright yellow blonde ale with a pleasant malty taste and a smooth bitter finish; the ideal alternative to lager."

Game: Two free games on Xbox One and two free games on Xbox 360! For Xbox One, game  1: Pool Nation FX - looks great, played one game already and got beaten. It's realistic!  Game 2: Child of Light - it's like playing a painting! If I was the type of person that said things were "beautiful" then I'd say it's beautiful! I'm not though so I'm going to say it's ace instead.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mocha Amaretto (Batemans)

Mocha Amaretto (Batemans)
Name: Mocha Amaretto
Label: "Grande Cafe Mocha! Chocolate coffee beer with a hint of amaretto!"
Brewery: Batemans
ABV: 6.5%

Tasting notes: "Mocha Amaretto: the perfect blend of coffee pot aroma, almond and chocolate indulgence with the sweetness of biscotti. This delicately prepared beer is a true homage to all that is wonderful about Italy's cafe culture."

Game: Telltale Games have really nailed the Game of Thrones atmos in the latest episode The Sword in the Darkness.  Like the books, I can barely keep track of the story because of the amount of characters, how it jumps around between locations and the fact that my brain is slightly broken.  But then DRAGON!  Breathing fire and stuff!  Rating: 9/10

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Graffiti IPA (Firebrand Brewing Co)

Graffiti IPA (Firebrand Brewing Co)
Name: Graffiti IPA
Label: "Forged in Cornwall"
Brewery: Firebrand Brewing Co
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Graffiti IPA is a punchy little IPA at 5.2%, a lovely biscuity malt base gives the backbone, allowing the (mostly) US hops to shine through, giving wonderful aroma and flavour of citrus and tropical fruit."  Think they been drinking too much Graffiti IPA because the front of the bottle says 5.0% abv yet the back says 5.2% !  Say what?

Game: Ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition was a bit of a glitch-fest but enjoyable none the less.  **SPOILER** if you get to the final fight with Corypheus and it glitches at the third stage of fighting him, the loading screen comes up and you wait for ages for what you assume is the next cut-scene, but you end up back fighting Corypheus except he's stuck at zero health and is bobbing up and down. Just run down all the flights of stairs and bingo, the cut-scene plays :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Icelandic White Ale (Einstök Ölgerð)

Name: Icelandic White Ale
Label: "Ale brewed with coriander & Orange Peel - Bottle conditioned - unfiltered - unpasteurised"
Brewery: Einstök Ölgerð
ABV: 5.2%

Tasting notes: "Our quest was simple, we wanted to make the best white ale we ever tasted. We got there with the complex flavors of the classic witbier, including orange peel and coriander - all brewed with pure Icelandic water and a touch of oats that deliver a cool smoothness that is uniquely flavorful and refreshingly drinkable."

Game: Pause the GAME!  I'm totally watching Vikings Season 3 and this is the perfect beer to sup while watching a bit of Nordic bludgeoning. Vikings is way better than Breaking Bad too!  Violent AND educational! "Skol!"

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Orange Barley (Batemans)

Orange Barley (Batemans)
Name: Orange Barley
Label: "Oranges. freshness, zest and tang - if you like oranges!"
Brewery: Batemans
ABV: 6.2%

Tasting notes: "Brewed with zesty oranges (1%) and natural cane sugar (1%) to deliver unabated sweetness, bite, body and charm. Serve in a large wine glass for maximum aroma."  Wow, surprisingly orangey and it works!

Game: This new game has also got plenty of bite, body and charm! Dying Light is a zesty first person parkour adventure with zombies!  The night time bits where you're being chased by the more agile aggressive zombies is terrifying.  My heart rate hasn't increased this much during a game since Alien: Isolation.  Getting too old for this shit! But it's awesome!  8/10