Sunday, 30 September 2012

White Lady (Cairngorm)

White Lady (Cairngorm)
Name: White Lady
Label: "A crystal wheat beer - Brewed in the Highlands of Scotland"
Brewery: Cairngorm
ABV: 4.7%

Rating: "Bavarian style wheat beer, with additional hints of roast malt for colour. Brewed with orange peel and coriander to give fruit flavours with a hint of spice." It also says on the label to respect alcohol. I respect it by trying to drink it all of the time (in moderation of course).

Game: Made it back alive from Eurogamer Expo 2012! It was absolutely brilliant, its a pity we didn't buy tickets for the whole weekend!  Such a turnaround of feeling apprehensive three days ago, to now already trying to plan for Eurogamer 2013!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

English Pale Ale (Marston's)

English Pale Ale (Marston's)
Name: English Pale Ale
Label: "We use lightweight bottles because they are better for the environment"  Er.. you mean because they're cheaper to produce right...?
Brewery: Marston's
ABV: 3.6%

Rating: "Zingy, smooth and always exceptional, Marston's EPA is a light blonde ale with subtle citrus flavours and a delicate aftertaste. Now that's refreshingly different."  And exceptional it truly is. And a low enough abv means you can drink it midweek on a work night! And on the way to work the next day too! And while you're at work too! (That's a joke by the way. I would never drink on a work night.)

Game: This weekend sees the arrival of the Eurogamer Expo in London. And I'm going! Woo-hoo!  Although I'm really nervous about it. For a paranoid agoraphobe who thinks everyone will be out to get me, going all the way down to London is a massive, massive deal.  Also I'll need to go on the tube. I'm scared of a) being pushed in front of a train and b) getting my dangly bits (on my hoody) caught in the closing doors.  If I actually make it to the venue come and find me, I'll be the one giving out FREE bottles of ale! (not really).

Trust Porter (Tetley's)

Trust Porter (Tetley's)
Name: Trust Porter
Label: "Raise a glass - Help for heroes endorsed product"
Brewery: Tetley's (or the swish sounding, but slightly less snappy "Joshua Tetley & Son")
ABV: 5.2%

Rating: "Tetley's Trust is a deeply rewarding 5.2% dark Porter. Brewed using chocolate malt and Fuggles hops, this deliciously dusky ale has a rich, luscious mouthfeel. Hints of chocolate and coffee are balanced by a subtle toffee sweetness and gentle bitterness. A beer fit to support all our British Heroes." I always thought Tetley just did draught bitter and mild. I've learnt two new things today then, they brew an excellent Porter and 'mouthfeel' is a word (stop sniggering at the back).

Game: So Asura's Wrath ended then... It was a good game although I started to realise that even if you missed the quick-time events, you still progressed through the game. So if you're really really lazy, you could feasibly just sit and watch it until the occasional boss battle. And then you'd just need to press B a bit and then Y, and then finish with RT (these detailed technical instructions are for use with Xbox 360 version only by the way, usage on other systems may result in death or serious injury).  I still give it 7/10 though, just because it's bonkers.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Prodigal Sun (Williams Bros)

Prodigal Sun (Williams Bros)
Name: Prodigal Sun
Label: "Aromatic Golden Ale - Microbrewed for maximum flavour - Brewed in Alloa"
Brewery: Williams Bros
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "In Scotland we welcome the return of the sun whenever it deigns to shower us with its warm rays... the cloud and rain will just have to get over it. A light amber beer with lovely citrus aromas, slightly sweet and fruity." Could do with a bit of sun at the moment as it's rained constantly for sixty hours at least. If the sun is a no-show, will settle for beer instead. Infact, I'd prefer beer rather than sunshine thinking about it.

Game: Free DLC! Argul's Tomb for Darksiders 2 arrives today, although somehow I was emailed my code early and so downloaded it on Sunday! The DLC is generally pretty good with an excellent boss fight to round things off. My only grumble is the fact that it's a standalone dungeon accessed from the main menu rather than a proper visit-able place on the main campaign map. Mustn't grumble though as it was free. Grumbling ceased. Dragon slaying commenced.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bronze Ale (The Celt Experience)

Name: Bronze Ale
Label: "Quality Welsh beer - This beer is named after the Bronze Age Celts. Recent discoveries in Bavaria have shown Celtic tribes were brewing as far back as 800 BC. The name Bracis-Curmi (malted beer) traces back to the ancient Celtic language or proto-celtic, an age where Celts were some of the first beer produces in Europe"
Brewery: The Celt Experience
ABV: 4.5%

Rating: "This organically crafted ale has a delightful rich bronze colour and is distinguished by a full bodied character with crystal maltiness. A lovely delicate sweetness soon develops into a long hop finish through the traditional blend of hops. Drinkers will enjoy the real traditional values of this great smooth ale."

Game: As I play this, I almost want to say Asura's Wrath is one of the best games I've ever played!  It's just a brilliant interactive entertainment experience and very different to a lot of the recent stuff that's available. Although I might just be high from the varnish fumes in the room. I've been varnishing cupboards all day in an enclosed space... not good.

Horizon (Wadworth)

Horizon (Wadworth)
Name: Horizon
Label: "Golden ale - A pale golden beer with zesty citrus aromas and a crisp, uplifting taste"
Brewery: Wadworth
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: "Easy drinking all year round and robust enough to accompany most foods, Horizon is a pale golden beer with zesty citrus aromas and a crisp, uplifting taste."

Game: I got a WTF game. For me Asura's Wrath is a WTF game. You start off in space, without a space suit, flying around shooting stuff with laser bolt things. It's totally bonkers. But it looks awesome and the gameplay and presentation makes it difficult to put down.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Poppy Ale (Wolf Brewery)

Poppy Ale (Wolf Brewery)
Name: Poppy Ale
Label: "Wolf Brewery will make a donation of 10p per bottle sold to The Royal British Legion"
Brewery: Wolf Brewery
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "Poppy Ale is a hoppy golden session ale with added honey to give a delicate yet more-ish flavour." Opium is made from poppy tears!

Game: Yikes, Darksiders 2 seemed to end rather suddenly. Thankfully I've not heard of anyone trying to get the developers to write new endings which is good. Time for New Game+ but I really regret not doing the side-missions and I can't go back now. 

Cornish Ale (St Austell)

Cornish Ale (St Austell)
Name: Cornish Ale
Label: "Classic ale brewed with Cornish spring water."
Brewery: St Austell
ABV: 4.9%

Rating: "This bottle conditioned ale has been uniquely brewed using locally grown Cornish gold malt, traditionally malted using a special kilning process to develop a deep bronze colour and intense flavour. The sweet, lightly nutty malt balances well with zesty orange and spicy aromas from the hops."

Game: Quick! Pre-order a Wii U now!! That's what the email marketing campaigns from my favourite games retailers are telling me to do. The question is... will it be any good? What about Xbox 720's 'holodeck'? How many consoles is it ok to own? So many questions and so much apathy.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

99 Red Baboons (Blue Monkey)

99 Red Baboons (Blue Monkey)
Name: 99 Red Baboons
Label: "Born in the urban jungle on the border of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire in 2008, Blue Monkey Brewery has taken the beer world by storm, winning many regional and national awards."
Brewery: Blue Monkey
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "A dark and interesting ale, combining fruity hoppiness with a dark, malty side. Is it sort of a porter or maybe a mild? You decide!" I will decide! I accept your challenge! I think it's a mild porter. And it's great.

Game: So, this week I became quite addicted to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It just got better and better as I progressed through the game. Playing as a gigantic robot T-Rex was the metal icing on the cake too. Amazing game, Cybertron never looked so awesome. Finishing the game also took me over a bit of a landmark in gamerscore too. 100k not out! Bit embarrassing maybe, but I have had the console for six years!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Cornish IPA (St Austell)

Cornish IPA (St Austell)
Name: Cornish IPA
Label: "Classic Indian Pale Ale brewed with Cornish spring water"
Brewery: St Austell
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "This well balanced hoppy beer compliments fish and chips and spicy dishes." I want fish and chips right now. Thanks for nothing, bottle label.

Game: Dark Souls is up to its usual tricks again of letting you get past a certain bit and making you think how ace you are only to then crush you with its crushing difficulty. I'm also a bit stuck on Darksiders 2 as well thanks to some very Portal-esque portal-y puzzles. Maybe I'm getting too old for gaming and it calls for a younger, keener, fitter mind..?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Triple C (Thwaites)

Triple C (Thwaites)
Name: Triple C
Label: "Thoroughly appealing - Refreshing blonde ale"
Brewery: Thwaites
ABV: 4.4%

Rating: "C is for Cascade, an aromatic American hop that is renowned for its flavour and aroma. It has been added at all three stages of the brewing process to give this delightful, thirst-quenching blonde ale its enticing, light grapefruit flavours."

Game: Suddenly become hopelessly addicted to Dark Souls once again. Finally beat the Bell Tower Gargoyles after getting back into the swing of things. Got me some stone armour, a +5 battle axe and new ways to farm souls. Even beat the Capra Demon at the second attempt. I seem to have become cursed now though so my energy bar is permanently 50% depleted *scared face*.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Yorkshire Bitter (Black Sheep)

Yorkshire Bitter (Black Sheep)
Name: Yorkshire Bitter
Label: "Demerara sweetness with full malt body and citrus overtones - Balanced with a long, dry and refreshing Yorkshire bitter finish - Fermented in Yorkshire Squares"
Brewery: Black Sheep
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "A classic and beautifully balanced Yorkshire bitter combining hoppy notes with bittersweet malty undertones and a dry, refreshing finish". Another 'Taste the difference' extravaganza courtesy of Sainsburys.

Game: Transformers games seem to be going from strength to strength, especially when movies aren't involved. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the newest and best so far.  It involves massive robots, fighting and large explosions... so what's not to like? Plus I need a break from Darksiders 2 related puzzling!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Masham Glory (Theakston)

Masham Glory (Theakston)
Name: Masham Glory
Label: "Estd 1827 - Legendary Ales - Specially brewed for Tesco by T&R Theakston Ltd"
Brewery: Theakston
ABV: 4.7%

Rating: "Including the finest British barley, raisins, classic English hops and hints of cinnamon to give an outstanding and uniquely characterful ale."  I never knew Masham was a place.  So there.

Game: Still slogging away at Darksiders 2.  'Slogging' meant in a positive way by the way.  No way, so far there's way too many uses of the word 'way' in this post but I can't be bothered changing it. Just a quick one about the graphics and art style in Darksiders... it took me a while to get used to it in the first game. I must be well and truly used to it because Darksiders 2 looks delicious.