Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Masham Glory (Theakston)

Masham Glory (Theakston)
Name: Masham Glory
Label: "Estd 1827 - Legendary Ales - Specially brewed for Tesco by T&R Theakston Ltd"
Brewery: Theakston
ABV: 4.7%

Rating: "Including the finest British barley, raisins, classic English hops and hints of cinnamon to give an outstanding and uniquely characterful ale."  I never knew Masham was a place.  So there.

Game: Still slogging away at Darksiders 2.  'Slogging' meant in a positive way by the way.  No way, so far there's way too many uses of the word 'way' in this post but I can't be bothered changing it. Just a quick one about the graphics and art style in Darksiders... it took me a while to get used to it in the first game. I must be well and truly used to it because Darksiders 2 looks delicious.


Elderly Gamer said...


...now that is way out there...

:( oops!

(attempts to erase another "way")

Bickle77 said...

and another one! No... two "way"s in your comment. They're going to take over the English language at this rate. We must find a way to stop them! Aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!

Elderly Gamer said...

Oh noooo 8(

don't know bout you, but I'm gonna run aWAY!!!!

Yikes!!!! another one!!!!

Arrghhhhhh 2 .......