Origin story

This web log, or 'blog' as I like to call it (since it was me that coined the phrase in the first place), started off as a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet came into being because I was looking at the myriad of wonderful bottled ales on offer in the local supermarket and couldn't remember which ones I'd sampled and which ones I'd yet to taste. This resulted in repeat purchases of the same ales every time. At least I think it did, I don't remember because at the time I didn't know what I'd had and what I'd not had. And with variety being the spice of life this scenario just couldn't continue.

Rubbish spreadsheet
Anyway, the spreadsheet was a bit rubbish, it didn't have any pictures or anything and was just incarcerated black text in little cells. Also, I couldn't access it if I was out of the house, for example, when I was looking at ales in the supermarket and wondering which one to buy next. I'd recently heard about 'the cloud' So I thought about putting the information there instead. That way I could just go outside and look up and all the information would be at my eyetips.  This proved difficult as the clouds were just too damn high so I decided to put the words on the Internet instead.

Some words in the cloud
I added the gaming reviews to remind me what games I was playing at the exact time of ale sampling. This blog is for my own benefit as previously discussed and I'm not expecting anyone else to read it, which is fortunate really having just looked at the blogs hit stats.  The posts are just a bit daft really as I'm neither clever nor funny. These tweets are funny:

"I remember exactly where I was when I heard president Kennedy had been killed, I was in a motorcade with my wife Jacqueline, being shot." - @Dotwinter

"RT @bickle77: What came before the big bang #PSQA - God's cock" - @serafinowicz

Yes that's my tweet being answered by Peter Serafinowicz during a PSQA session.  The guy's a genius and I felt almost famous for three, maybe four, seconds thanks to that retweet.

Anyway, that's the Gaming Ales origin story in a nutshell, like it?  No?  I don't care to be honest, you can go and read something else can't you.  But don't forget to take a bottle of real ale with you when you go...