Saturday, 26 February 2011

Thoroughbred Gold (Thwaites)

Thoroughbred Gold
Name: Thoroughbred Gold
Label: "A golden winner - A winning thoroughbred is the result of breeding the best stallion to the best mare, with the proof of superiority and excellence being established on the race track"
Brewery: Thwaites
ABV: 3.7%

Rating: A really great beer that I've not seen much of in the shops before. Not sure why its got all those equine breeding tips on the bottle, maybe it was brewed for some horsey people at some horsey event.

Game: Very addicted to Split/Second now. It only arrived today so I guess it's only natural to want to play it constantly until the novelty wears off. The game is quite shallow to be honest, but it's what one would class as a "guilty pleasure". I'm really really really tired tonight by the way, just thought I'd share...

Blueberry Classic Bitter (Coach House)

Blueberry Classic Bitter
Name: Blueberry Classic Bitter
Label: "Brewed in Cheshire"
Brewery: Coach House Brewing Co.
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: An exceptionally great tasting beer. This is now my favourite beer of all time and has knocked Banana Bread Beer off the number one spot. I love you Coach House! Some name-dropping on the bottle too, Maris Otter barley grown by James Fawcett and hops grown by Geoff Thompson. Swish.

Game: Split/Second arrived today from Zavvi (took two weeks to arrive...) and initial impressions are good. Played it for about an hour so far and graphics look great and the explosions and destruction look wicked. I was expecting the cars to be fast enough to make me feel sick but they're not yet. Hopefully faster cars can be unlocked.  As an aside, one of my children made me feel a bit sick today, by throwing up all over me in the middle of Asda. The poor little tike.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Keltek Gold (Keltek Brewery)

Keltek Gold
Name: Keltek Gold
Label: "The Keltek Brewery is a multi-award winning Brewery situated in Redruth, Cornwall"
Brewery: Keltek Brewery
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: "Traditionally brewed with hops and barley, this light golden ale is pale and fruity with a citrus bias." I'd like to go to Cornwall on holiday again, that's if it's ok with the Cornish people of course as I get the impression they don't particularly approve.

Game: I finally got Oblivion by the way. After all these years I've finally got round to getting it and it seems to be a rather large game.  The graphics look a little dated but that's a minor issue. The hours fly by when you play this game, it literally eats time. Elder Scrolls IV: The Eater of Time it should have been called.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ridgeway Bitter (Ridgeway)

Ridgeway Bitter
Name: Ridgeway Bitter
Label: "Leaf hops, Maris Otter, South Stoke RG8 0JW Oxfordshire"
Brewery: Ridgeway Brewing
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: Another CAMRA approved real ale. They choose the hops not just by farm but by individual garden and time of harvest. So you'd think it would be good... and it is!

Game: Dead Space 2 has gotten highly addictive again. Two playthrus so far and soon I'll be trying to attempt the Hard Core mode which only allows you to save your game three times during the whole of the single player story! I get the feeling attempting this is going to make me angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Actually, you probably wouldn't like me when I'm not angry either, but hey ho.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Port Stout (O'Hanlon's)

Port Stout
Name: Port Stout
Label: "The Original - Superbly smooth, enriched with rich ruby port. Often imitated, never equalled. Made with fresh clean water from our own well. SIBA Champion - World beer cup silver - CAMRA champion"
Brewery: O'Hanlon's
ABV: 4.8%

Rating: It also says on the bottle " inspired by traditional morning after reviver, as dispensed by kindly Irish barmen." If that means what I think it means then I can see why it doesn't also say "please drink responsibly" on the bottle. Tastes superb anyway.

Game: More brown trousers time as Dead Space 2 hits my screen. Seems I've only just finished the New Year champagne and already a Game of the Year contender arrives. I didn't really have any champagne by the way, but I did get Dead Space 2.  And it's bloody violent, with a capital bloody. Theres also multiplayer which seems a bit tacked on but the single player campaign is mega. 9/10