Ratings guide

The ale ratings are generally just the description on the back of the bottle because I always think they're pretty accurate and the brewer's know their stuff, right?

The game ratings are defined as follows:
All ace games win a cup like this at
some award ceremony (image via Wikipedia)

10/10: Unattainable - no game is ever "perfect" so this score is an impossibility

9/10: If you don't buy this you're a fool or worse... a "casual gamer"

8/10: A must buy, maybe not immediately but one day it should definitely grace your collection

7/10: Definitely worth a look

6/10: If there's nowt else out for a while and you don't fancy anything from your collection then give it a whirl

5/10: Rent it, lend it, but probably best not to buy it

4/10: Not bad enough to really despise but then not good enough to recommend

3/10: Even if it is your favourite movie franchise the game is going to be sh*t. You know it, I know it, the developers know it... and they're laughing at you for buying it

2/10: Probably more fun wiping your arse with the staple laden instruction booklet than actually playing this game
All rubbish games win this

1/10: A waste of the world's resources and makes you personally responsible for climate change if you buy it

0/10: Unattainable - no game is ever this bad. Plus you can always use the disc as a frisbee (although see 1/10)


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