Saturday, 30 January 2016

Urban IPA (Tiny Rebel)

Urban IPA (Tiny Rebel)
Name: Urban IPA
Label: "Intercontinental Pale Ale"
Brewery: Tiny Rebel
ABV: 5.5%

Tasting notes: "A carefully crafted intercontinental blend of hops and malt helps us take traditional IPAs to the next level with Urban IPA. Bored with soulless IPAs? Then it's time to go URBAN."

Game: Just gone to pre-order XCOM 2 as it's out next week! Quick! Get on Amazon you fool! Hang on a minute *nervous laugh*, can't... seem... to see it for Xbox One. Maybe Amazon have gone a bit mad and aren't stocking it! Yes, that'll be it. Quick switch over to the Game site. Nope. Google time. What the fff.... it's not even out on consoles! Firaxis what the hell are you playing at? XCOM was awesome on Xbox 360! XCOM 2 next-gen gets a GamingAles first: 0/10. Now get your act together and get making it for consoles, don't make me leave this review as 0/10!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Icelandic Toasted Porter (Einstök Ölgerð)

Name: Icelandic Toasted Porte
Label: "Ale brewed with Icelandic roasted coffee"
Brewery: Einstök Ölgerð
ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes: "With clear notes of toffee and dark chocolate, this Porter is roasty and rich, offering a medium body that is robust, yet smooth on the palate. Toasted and chocolate malts give it a sinister black color, but its easy-to-drink taste will have you believing that there's no more need to be afraid of the dark"

Game: Just put on FIFA 15 after months of playing PES 2016. Oh my... I remember this happened a few years ago too. FIFA is better than PES! Even an old FIFA is better than a new PES! It's official. It's fact. This is the definitive word on FIFA vs PES. Now don't ever bring the argument up again!! FIFA 15: 8/10, PES 2016: 6/10

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Atlantic (Sharp's)

Atlantic (Sharps)
Name: Atlantic
Label: "Exceptional Pale Ale"
Brewery: Sharp's
ABV: 4.5%

Tasting notes: "Atlantic is a modern pale ale inspired by the Atlantic Ocean at Sharp's home on Cornwall's rugged North coast. It is brewed with precision to give complexity, subtlety and a cleanness of palate while showcasing the fresh citrus flavours of New World hops. Deep golden in colour, Atlantic has a vibrant fruity aroma redolent of lime zest to mango. The flavour is harmonious balance of barley sugar and grapefruit with a refreshingly crisp citrus linger."

Game: Is Rise of the Tomb Raider any good? It's a quality piece of software I'll have you know. Especially if you like murdering small to medium sized animals and baddy people. One interesting achievement has you chucking a chicken into the air which you then shoot with your bow and arrow. Well, not with the bow, that would be crazy. Just the arrow.  It's FINE, they're not real people or animals, 'tis but a game we's playing. There are also some weird options from the main menu with unlockable cards and stuff but I've ignored that for now cos confusing. 8/10

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hummingbird (Young's)

Hummingbird (Youngs)
Name: Hummingbird
Label: "Delightfully aromatic refreshing golden beer with tropical notes"
Brewery: Young's
ABV: 4.2%

Tasting notes: "Hummingbird is an exciting addition to the Young's bottle range following its popularity as a seasonal cask ale. A golden ale with a refreshing tropical hint, Hummingbird brings something a little bit different which we are sure you'll love."

Game: If you like Transformers then you should definitely get Transformers Devastation. It's a quality brawler and totally faithful to the original cartoon! It's a game that transforms into a big bucket of nostalgia. But not the type of nostalgia where you think, 'Ahh... this was actually a bit shit.'  Instead, it's the type of nostalgia where you think, 'YEAH, THIS IS ACE!'. Then you go out and re-buy all the old toys and contemplate on where you went wrong in life because you still like stuff that you should have grown out of 35 years ago.  8/10

Happy New Year!