Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Atlantic (Sharp's)

Atlantic (Sharps)
Name: Atlantic
Label: "Exceptional Pale Ale"
Brewery: Sharp's
ABV: 4.5%

Tasting notes: "Atlantic is a modern pale ale inspired by the Atlantic Ocean at Sharp's home on Cornwall's rugged North coast. It is brewed with precision to give complexity, subtlety and a cleanness of palate while showcasing the fresh citrus flavours of New World hops. Deep golden in colour, Atlantic has a vibrant fruity aroma redolent of lime zest to mango. The flavour is harmonious balance of barley sugar and grapefruit with a refreshingly crisp citrus linger."

Game: Is Rise of the Tomb Raider any good? It's a quality piece of software I'll have you know. Especially if you like murdering small to medium sized animals and baddy people. One interesting achievement has you chucking a chicken into the air which you then shoot with your bow and arrow. Well, not with the bow, that would be crazy. Just the arrow.  It's FINE, they're not real people or animals, 'tis but a game we's playing. There are also some weird options from the main menu with unlockable cards and stuff but I've ignored that for now cos confusing. 8/10

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