Saturday, 30 January 2016

Urban IPA (Tiny Rebel)

Urban IPA (Tiny Rebel)
Name: Urban IPA
Label: "Intercontinental Pale Ale"
Brewery: Tiny Rebel
ABV: 5.5%

Tasting notes: "A carefully crafted intercontinental blend of hops and malt helps us take traditional IPAs to the next level with Urban IPA. Bored with soulless IPAs? Then it's time to go URBAN."

Game: Just gone to pre-order XCOM 2 as it's out next week! Quick! Get on Amazon you fool! Hang on a minute *nervous laugh*, can't... seem... to see it for Xbox One. Maybe Amazon have gone a bit mad and aren't stocking it! Yes, that'll be it. Quick switch over to the Game site. Nope. Google time. What the fff.... it's not even out on consoles! Firaxis what the hell are you playing at? XCOM was awesome on Xbox 360! XCOM 2 next-gen gets a GamingAles first: 0/10. Now get your act together and get making it for consoles, don't make me leave this review as 0/10!

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