Friday, 11 February 2011

Port Stout (O'Hanlon's)

Port Stout
Name: Port Stout
Label: "The Original - Superbly smooth, enriched with rich ruby port. Often imitated, never equalled. Made with fresh clean water from our own well. SIBA Champion - World beer cup silver - CAMRA champion"
Brewery: O'Hanlon's
ABV: 4.8%

Rating: It also says on the bottle " inspired by traditional morning after reviver, as dispensed by kindly Irish barmen." If that means what I think it means then I can see why it doesn't also say "please drink responsibly" on the bottle. Tastes superb anyway.

Game: More brown trousers time as Dead Space 2 hits my screen. Seems I've only just finished the New Year champagne and already a Game of the Year contender arrives. I didn't really have any champagne by the way, but I did get Dead Space 2.  And it's bloody violent, with a capital bloody. Theres also multiplayer which seems a bit tacked on but the single player campaign is mega. 9/10

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