Sunday, 9 September 2012

Triple C (Thwaites)

Triple C (Thwaites)
Name: Triple C
Label: "Thoroughly appealing - Refreshing blonde ale"
Brewery: Thwaites
ABV: 4.4%

Rating: "C is for Cascade, an aromatic American hop that is renowned for its flavour and aroma. It has been added at all three stages of the brewing process to give this delightful, thirst-quenching blonde ale its enticing, light grapefruit flavours."

Game: Suddenly become hopelessly addicted to Dark Souls once again. Finally beat the Bell Tower Gargoyles after getting back into the swing of things. Got me some stone armour, a +5 battle axe and new ways to farm souls. Even beat the Capra Demon at the second attempt. I seem to have become cursed now though so my energy bar is permanently 50% depleted *scared face*.


Elderly Gamer said...

Alright this is approaching ridiculous, I had planned for several weather types, but I never reckoned on..


In fact I couldn't spell it til about two minutes ago! which is fine cause I can leave here and return to normal...
... but look!!!

(elderly attempts to pick up a bottle of triple C... But instead his hand passes right through the bottle!!)


Bickle77 said...

Aye. It's sucks when you're undead, hollow AND cursed. Death is well pleased though!!

I happen to have here some rather fine bottles of Ghost Ale to counteract our spectral thirsts. (floats over to Mr Elderly with bottles in skeletal hand)

Elderly Gamer said...

Thanks Bickle :).. your a Spectre!! button do I press to float?..