Friday, 25 September 2009

Fursty Ferret (Badger)

Fursty Ferret
Name: Fursty Ferret
Label: Country Crafted - Dorset Ales - Real Character - 1777
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 4.4%

Rating: Cheeky Bastard

Game: Playing MK Vs DC again. Story mode beaten both ways. Got to see Midway's pleasant "Thank you for playing" message at the end of the credits. No... thank you Midway. Thank you for such a great game. Shame you've gone bust - 8/10

Also on the 'Box was IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. Interesting flight sim but slowly spiralling into yawn city on Arcade mode.  Realistic mode is a bit tricky and Simulation mode is just crazy difficult.  If it was really like that flying one of those planes in the war I'd have been deaded before I'd even got to the cockpit - 6/10.

Next was Pinball FX. Pinball games are great. Fact.  And this was a steal at only 400 MS points from XBLA Marketplace. It gets docked a point though because several of the achievements are only gettable after downloading further tables (at 200 MS points each) naughty naughty - smacked botties time for Micro$oft - 6/10

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