Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Etoile D'Or

Name: Etoile D'OrEtoile D'Or
Label: "Imported Belgian Lager"
Brewery: Brewed in Belgium for Marks & Spencer
ABV: 5%

Rating: Belgian beer is ace.

Game: On the verge of selling/trading Dragon Age today. Got stuck again and can't get past a certain section. Stupid under-equipped, under-skilled team. Going after the Urn of Sacred Ashes but can't get past my teams doppelgangers.  Looking for hints on the web and one site advises "have fun -- this is one of Dragon Age's cooler fights." Er, no.  This is one of Dragon Age's suckier fights. It's over in about thirty seconds with my entire team getting wiped out. Not fun. I'm going to flee the mountain and do side missions to try and level up my characters so when I return it will still be just as difficult...

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