Sunday, 29 July 2012

JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter - Oakham Ales)

JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter - Oakham Ales)
Name: JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter)
Label: "Sir Jeffrey Hudson was an adventurer, courtier, and duellist in the service of King Charles I. Although he was only three and a half feet tall, his modest strength was more than made up for in character, much like the beer named after him..."
Brewery: Oakham Ales
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "A hand crafted bottled ale, based on the cask conditioned. Light and refreshing with a blatant citrus fruitiness and a smooth dry bitter finish. JHB has the innovative hoppiness that is the hallmark of Oakham Ales." Supreme champion beer of Britain 2001 - and eleven years later it's still kickin' ass!

Game: I've had enough of Dubai. All that sand and hot weather was starting to chafe in all the wrong places and it gave me a yearning for the cool breeze and snow of Skyrim.  I feel like I've drank a lot of beer this weekend for some reason. So what better way to celebrate lots of beer than by taking part in a drinking competition in Skyrim? On a trip to Winterhold I happened across a patron in the Frozen Hearth Inn who enjoys a brew or two. One drinking game later and I wake up in Markarth! Best. Game. Ever. 100/10.  (Did I really just give a game a hundred out of 10? Yes.., yes I did).


Elderly Gamer said...

(standing in shorts and flip flops as the snow falls quietly around him, the old man looks upset..)

Yu yu youuu, cu cu could have told me we were moo moo moving!!


Bickle77 said...

What have I said about always being prepared for different weather conditions??

(...rummages in backpack...)

Here, try this bear pelt on for size. It's a quest item so try not to get mead on it! Come on, the Inn's this way... or is it t'other way...? That's the problem with these snowy mountains, they all start to look very similar...

Elderly Gamer said...

A bear pelt... for me?

(elderly breaks down in tears...)

sniff!... no one's every given me a bear pelt.. and of course your right I should always be prepared....

(removes BFG from backpack....)

Okay I'm ready, where'd you say that inn was? the drinks are on me!!

Bickle77 said...

NIIIIIICE!! :) Let's bag us some dragons with that badboy!

No worries about the pelt, thats what friends are for!!

(I just hope it makes up for the fact that I've... er... lost the map... so we're stuck... in the middle of nowhere... up a mountain)