Friday, 25 January 2013

Light Ale (Young's)

Light Ale (Young's)
Name: Light Ale (Young's)
Label: "Light traditional beer - Here at Young's we've created a family of flavoursome beers with different styles and tastes, united by a common belief that good beer, brewed properly and with passion, can be enjoyed by all."
Brewery: Young's
ABV: 3.2%

Rating: "A light refreshing bitter with a distinctive, crisp taste. Pale amber in colour, Young's Light Ale is a clean satisfying blend of Maris Otter English malted barley and Fuggles and Goldings hops. Britain's favourite light ale."  And now my favourite too!

Game: After my earth-shattering epiphany from the last post about pre-ordering, I've discovered the PreOrderIQ website. Created by the same publishers as the splendid GamerZines (check The Elderly Gamer site for the low-down), PreOrderIQ gives us a ridiculously handy collation of upcoming games and where they can be pre-ordered at the best deals. With high-street shops slowly vanishing and surviving retailers charging in excess of £43 for a new release, it's even more tempting to turn to tax-avoiding online retail alternatives for our next gaming fix. Who needs the high street anyway... (other than pretty much everyone, obviously).

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Elderly Gamer said...

Thank you for the exceedingly beautiful link mr.Bickle :)

..and this rather tasty beer..

With the loss of HMV here, I've only got one game store left in the city to visit.... and they were already OTT on their prices. For an old person, embracing a new era in purchasing games is painful, but I'm going have to get used to it.