Saturday, 29 March 2014

St George & the Dragon (Wadworth)

St George & the Dragon (Wadworth)
Name: St George & the Dragon
Label: "A traditional English bitter with robust bitterness and fiery amber hue"
Brewery: Test
ABV: Test

Rating: "A biscuity ale with citrus notes, robust bitterness and fiery amber hue. A traditional English bitter brewed in honour of our Patron Saint. Find out more about this beer, and the Wadworth range at"

Game: Looks like I'm now a multiplayer convert. Titanfall is brill.  It's one of those games that even if you suck at it, you can still achieve and have fun. I actually came top of my team in one game! We lost overall though... but I came top in my team and got to the extraction point!  Here's proof, non-believers! For someone who isn't particularly good at multiplayer games this is a great achievement okay?!

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