Thursday, 3 July 2014

Piledriver (Wychwood Brewery)

Name: Piledriver
Label: "Classic English Ale - Rockin' All Over The World - From the makers of Status Quo"
Brewery: Wychwood
ABV: 4.3%

Rating: "Two legends collide to produce a beer for drinking all over the world. Inspired by the re-release of Piledriver, the first album they produced themselves, Quo have created their first beer with Wychwood Brewery. A traditional malty amber ale balanced with a bold fruity hop character."  Not a massive fan of Status Quo admittedly, but they're good at music... and now beer!

Game: I've played about 90 minutes of Murdered: Soul Suspect and it turns out I've not bought a pudding! It's a great game! It's quite creepy but there's a nice slow, relaxed pace about it as you explore the crime scenes and build up the story. Some reviews are moaning (in a ghostly way, obviously) about how you can't walk through everything or into every house. Stupid. Games have to have some boundaries and these are perfectly explained in the game. 7.5 / 10

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