Sunday, 22 March 2015

Graffiti IPA (Firebrand Brewing Co)

Graffiti IPA (Firebrand Brewing Co)
Name: Graffiti IPA
Label: "Forged in Cornwall"
Brewery: Firebrand Brewing Co
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Graffiti IPA is a punchy little IPA at 5.2%, a lovely biscuity malt base gives the backbone, allowing the (mostly) US hops to shine through, giving wonderful aroma and flavour of citrus and tropical fruit."  Think they been drinking too much Graffiti IPA because the front of the bottle says 5.0% abv yet the back says 5.2% !  Say what?

Game: Ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition was a bit of a glitch-fest but enjoyable none the less.  **SPOILER** if you get to the final fight with Corypheus and it glitches at the third stage of fighting him, the loading screen comes up and you wait for ages for what you assume is the next cut-scene, but you end up back fighting Corypheus except he's stuck at zero health and is bobbing up and down. Just run down all the flights of stairs and bingo, the cut-scene plays :)

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