Friday, 19 June 2015

Five AM Red Ale (BrewDog)

Five AM Red Ale (BrewDog)
Name: Five AM Red Ale
Label: "Bitter Sweet Chaos"
Brewery: BrewDog
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: Tastes amazing. Not much more to be said really. Could have done with a bigger bottle. Or more bottles.

Game: Disaster! Amazon are telling me that my Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight pre-order due next Tuesday has been "delayed as the manufacturer has advised us that there's been a packaging quality issue."  Swines! Think something similar happened in America with the Arkham Knight Batmobile boxset - in that instance it sounded like the Batmobile turned out to be shit. Anyway, I look forward to my updated packaging... in JULY!  To be fair to Amazon though they are sending out download codes so we can still play the game on release day. Smiley BatFace.

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