Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dirty Stop Out (Tiny Rebel)

Dirty Stop Out (Tiny Rebel)
Name: Dirty Stop Out
Label: "Smoked Oat Stout"
Brewery: Tiny Rebel
ABV: 5.0%

Tasting notes: "Dirty Stop Out is our smoked oat stout that has all the characteristics of a heavy night out. Complex, dark, with hints of smokiness and perfume aromas. A blend of 9 malts matched up with a firmly hopped back bone make this a very self assured stout."

Game: Movie tie-in games weren't always shit you know.  GamingAles isn't a massive fan of retro games to be honest, what with the blocky simplistic graphics, wonky controls and heinous music and sound effects. HOWEVER, there were some absolute gems. Batman The Movie and The Untouchables to name but two. They were great even without the nostalgia effect... so without looking at them through ass-tinted glasses.  I liked them so much I wrote an actual "article" or "piece" about them and how they were way better than some of the more recent shite that was released for Xbox 360. So, this months feature article is Nostalgia vs Movie Tie-Ins.  I give this article 2/10.

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