Saturday, 25 September 2010

Courage Best (Wells & Young's)

Courage Best
Name: Courage Best
Label: "Fully balanced malty flavour with a distinctive hop character - Outstanding quality beer brewed since 1787"
Brewery: Wells & Young's
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: "A pint of Best please, luv", as the pot-bellied bald man down the local would say. However, this beers taste belies its humdrum old-man-session-beer name. It's brilliant.

Game: Pre-ordering Dead Rising 2 from meant I get to upload my photo to the Dead Rising website and then they will send me a game cover with a zombified me on it. This is cool.  As for the game, that is also cool. The crazy time limited mission structure is all present and correct and, get this, the multiplayer is actually really fun! I've come to despise multiplayer but this game really seems to do something a bit different and I reckon I'll be on it for a good few months before the novelty wears off. Let's see...

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