Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bacchus Cherry (Castle Brewery)

Bacchus Cherry
Name: Bacchus
Label: "Belgian Cherry Beer - 15% cherries"
Brewery: Von Honsebrouck Castle Brewery
ABV: 5.8%

Rating: I really enjoyed the Bacchus raspberry beer.  This is good but just doesn't quite hit the taste heights of it's raspberry kin.

Game: £17.99 for Dragon Age 2 was too much of a good offer to pass up, so with Red Dead out of the way in swoops Dragon Age 2.  So far so splendidly good. Great visuals and voice acting however the sudden difficulty curve, woah there! My party and I were merrily hacking, slashing and zapping (that's the magic bit) our way through monsters and foes alike when all of a sudden there's this big ass dragon. Got a beasting off of it. Can't beat it, try some of the fetch quests instead - far safer and less stressful. That's pretty much an account of progress so far.

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