Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tilting Ale (RedWillow for Virgin Trains)

Name: Tilting Ale
Label: "Pale Ale - Proudly brewed in Macclesfield, GB"
Brewery: RedWillow
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "Brewed especially for Virgin Trains, this British Pale Ale evokes the spirit and speed of our tilting trains. A high-speed whoosh of flavour tilts smoothly into a light hoppy tastes and arrives, right on time. at a clean finish of bitter. Perfect for sipping at 125mph!"  A bad way to end Eurogamer was with a bit of a cry that it was all over.  A good way to end Eurogamer was with a transport themed ale on the train home!

Game: On the first day of Eurogamer I queued up for Dark Souls 2 but then chickened out because it looked dead hard. Saw someone beat it but also saw people being mocked for their lameness at it. Considering it took me two years to finish Dark Souls 1 and fearing a good mocking by onlookers I pretended someone phoned me and I had to leave the queue to meet them. Fooled everyone (no one).

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