Monday, 14 October 2013

Bombardier Reserve - The Colonel's Choice (Wells)

Bombardier Reserve - The Colonels Choice (Wells)
Name: Bombardier Reserve - The Colonel's Choice
Label: "A rich and well rounded hoppy ale- Premium beer"
Brewery: Wells
ABV: 6.0%

Rating: "If you like hops, you'll simply love this beer. Yes, there are more hops in this beer than you can shake a stick at. Bang On! It's rich and well rounded, just like the Colonel himself. He says it'll put hairs on the hairs on your chest. After a hard day on the battlefield, you deserve it. Go on, put your feet up and enjoy."

I'm not sure who the Colonel is (presumably not the fried chicken dude), but he's got awesome taste in beer!

Game: It's just 11 days until Batman Arkham Origins! To celebrate I'm getting to grips with Batman Arkham City Lockdown on the iPad. Similar to Infinity Blade, you swipe the screen to slash your sword but in this case it's Batman's fists obviously.  I don't think he owns a sword? And if he did it needs writing out of the history books post-haste. A Bat-sword? No thanks! Anyway, the game is a pretty good slug-fest (not slugs, bats). There's quite a steep learning curve but once mastered, get donning your cowl and enjoy some satisfying take-downs and interesting boss fights and cameos. Well worth a look. 7/10.

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