Sunday, 27 October 2013

Double Stout (Shepherd Neame)

Double Stout (Shepherd Neame)
Name: Double Stout
Label: "Bottled at the brewery - Britain's oldest brewer - since 1698 - A classic double stout from a recipe discovered in the vaults of Britain's oldest brewer"
Brewery: Shepherd Neame & Co
ABV: 5.2%

Rating: "This beer combines the complex flavours and characteristics of pale ale, roasted crystal and chocolate malts with the finest kilned roasted barley. It is bittered with our famed East Kent hops and brewed in the UK's last remaining wooden mash tuns.  This magnificent example of a classic double stout delivers a velvety-smooth palate of dry, burnt flavours complemented by roast, cocoa and coffee notes. Black, creamy and delicious; it is a Shepherd Neame masterpiece."

Game: I am Batman!  Not really, obviously, just virtually. Batman: Arkham Origins beatdowns its way onto my Xbox. My unboxing of Origins was almost as quick as my Arkham City unboxing post from this time last year.  One of the sequences that has really stood out so far is the battle with Deathstroke. Its almost like watching a brilliantly choreographed fight scene in a film, but you're actually controlling the action! Perfect timing for counters is a must.

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