Thursday, 7 November 2013

Old Legover (Daleside)

Old Legover (Daleside)
Name: Old Legover
Label: "A right grand Yorkshire beer"
Brewery: Daleside
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "Daleside Old Legover upholds the very highest standards of English brewing. Old Legover is essentially a Yorkshire beer using a complex mix of malts and hops to produce a well-balanced mid-brown ale. Appreciate the flavours as you enjoy the beer and note the nutty overtones and late bitter-sweet sensations."

Last time I looked 'Legover' wasn't an actual word, but I'll let them off because the beer is so good!

Game: Holy corrupted save file Batman! Disaster strikes! My Batman: Arkham Origins save file has become corrupted.  Oh the Batmanity! All those Enigma packs collected, all those side-missions completed! Gone! All gone! It's ok though, the game is so great I've started again from scratch. Now trying out the cloud save thing on Xbox Live too. Giving Origins 8.5/10 despite the corrupted save file unpleasantness.

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