Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry (Robinsons)

Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry (Robinsons)
Name: Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry
Label: "Tasting notes: A unique craft lager brewed with rice and a fab mix of Stellar and Cascade hops, crisp and clean with hints of lemon grass and lime, perfectly created by Simon to cut through chilli heat and experience a smooth and tasty lemony aromatic finish."
Brewery: Robinsons
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "Beer and Curry is a match made in heaven... FACT!! But what I want in a beer with my favourite curry is one that's not too gassy, full of flavour and an aromatic tickle. SO down this and as the beer cools you, savour the light refreshing taste of perfection..."

So far I've had Simon Rimmer's beers to go with curry, chicken and steak.  Now the dude has to invent a beer to go with pizza, pasta, burrittos and hotdogs and that will be all my favourite foods covered. In beer... FACT!!

Game: Ryse is great. The 'proper' reviews moan about it being shallow and devoid of meaningful story and so on and so... yawn!  But while the naysayers are saying nay, I'm playing the ass off it. Because it's great. Stabbing is my favourite. The executions never get old. And the graphics are AMAZING. I don't care that it's not much of a cerebral challenge, don't question it, just enjoy it! Rating: 9.99999999 / 10

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