Thursday, 14 November 2013

Orme (Great Orme Brewery)

Orme (Great Orme Brewery)
Name: Orme
Label: "Bragdy'r Gogarth (Great Orme Brewery)"
Brewery: Great Orme
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "Rich chestnut bitter with a fine balance of malt and hops. Did you know... the word 'ORME' is believed by some authorities to have derived from an Old Norse (Scandinavian) word 'urm' meaning worm or sea serpent?"

I went to Great Orme once, and as the name suggests, it was great! And it looked like a big sea serpent so those Old Norse dudes know what they're on about.

Game: Poopin' heck it's only 7 (seven) and a bit days left until Xbox One arrives! To pass the time I'm trying my hand at Rocksmith 2014. Didn't get on that well with the first game because the tracklisting wasn't much to my taste. 2014 contains some stonkers though. I'm just hoping I can stick with it this time and that I properly learn to play the guitar. At the moment though I'm still at the point where most people could probably play guitar better with their feet than I can with my hands.

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