Monday, 22 December 2014

Cheeky Pheasant (George Wright Brewing Company)

Cheeky Pheasant (George Wright Brewing Company)
Name: Cheeky Pheasant
Label: "Premium Ale"
Brewery: George Wright Brewing Company
ABV: 4.7%

Rating: "Cheeky Pheasant is a classic deep golden premium ale with a gentle taste of raisin and berry fruits, combined with the richness of malty toffee. Balanced throughout by a dry hoppy fulfilling bitterness."

Game: Far Cry 4 is pretty awesome and pretty and awesome. I went hang gliding for the first time and recorded it for posterity.  This is definitely what would happen to me in real life if I ever tried hang gliding - I also used to think it was called hand gliding but that must be something else:


Anonymous said...

Haha!! Brilliant.

Wait until you get the wing suit......

Red Tomacco

GamingAles said...

Lol, tried the wing suit. Outcome was very similar to the hanglider only much faster!