Friday, 19 December 2014

Corby Ale (Cumberland Breweries)

Corby Ale (Cumberland Breweries)
Name: Corby Ale
Label: "An amber coloured ale. A moreish ale with malt character and a refreshing citrus after-taste."
Brewery: Cumberland Breweries
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: So good it was almost sexy.

Game: So Ubisoft made good on their offer for a free game for AC:Unity season pass purchasers. Currently getting my ass handed to me in Far Cry 4 on a regular basis. Must buy a gun, this bow and arrow just ain't gonna cut it! Incredible looking game too.  All hail Ubisoft! No really... Get hailing them right now! Hail like you've never hailed before!


Anonymous said...

Hope you've bought yourself a gun by now :) I'll agree, very good looking game. Best to date on the XBone. We'll have to play co-op sometime?

Red Tomacco

GamingAles said...

Yeah for sure. I now own firearms too :)