Saturday, 18 July 2015

Clock Brew (Eden Brewery)

Clock Brew (Eden Brewery)
Name: Clock Brew
Label: "Traditional Scottish Ale - Thank you for buying our beer and we hope you can enjoy being part of the journey"
Brewery: Eden Brewery
ABV: 4.3%

Tasting notes: "A classic Scottish red ale with a hint of pepperiness and hops up front giving way to a smooth multi layered finish."  It's Beer 'O Clock! On the label this beer actually thanks you for buying the beer. I say No! Thank you!  Thank you for this most excellent of brews!

Game: Two Batman: Arkham Knight DLC missions down and enjoyable they were too!  So far we've played as Harley Quinn and now Batgirl. Both missions have been criticised by most 'proper' journalisty things but I think they're pretty good. Batgirl's level only lasts about an hour and Harley Quinn's is even less (much less) but they make a nice distraction if you're still working your way through the main Batman campaign.
So stop moaning and enjoy it will you!  Just forget for a second that you've spent thirty two quid on a season pass. Just forget it! Five more months of DLC incoming. The whole will be better than the sum of it's parts, or something.

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