Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fathers Day Ale (Oakleaf Brewing)

Fathers Day Ale (Oakleaf Brewing)
Name: Father's Day Ale
Label: "Great British Ale - Father's Day Crafted Ale - You're the Best"
Brewery: Oakleaf Brewing
ABV: 4.0%

Tasting notes: "Father's Day Ale, a traditional bitter ale brewed in Hampshire. This is a mid-brown session ale with a complex malt sweetness that leads to a long hoppy finish." I'm the best apparently, so much so that I MUST be woken up at 6am every morning after 2 minutes sleep, then get mithered, hit, back chatted and cried at constantly for the next 24 hours straight. Welcome to parenthood.  But then they get you beer and everything is okay :)

Game: I must admit I felt a twinge of disappointment at the start of Batman: Arkham Knight when we're informed that the whole city must be evacuated (again), and you're effectively left with an empty city interspersed by gangs of wandering thugs. It's a bit like town on a Saturday night. Nevertheless, after this initial disappointment the game then consistently fails to disappoint. Meaning it's batballs awesome!! 9.9999999999 bats out 10.

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