Friday, 21 August 2015

This. Is. Lager. (BrewDog)

This. Is. Lager. (BrewDog)
Name: This. Is. Lager.
Label: "21st Century Pilsner"
Brewery: BrewDog
ABV: 4.7%

Tasting notes: "This. Is. Exactly. What. Lager. Should. Taste. Like. Full. Bodied. Full. Of. Bite. Floral. Spicy. Sharp. Bitter. Crafted. From. A. Full. Malted. Barley. Base. Matured. For. Five. Weeks. Made. With. No. Short. Cuts. And. Reclaimed. In. Honour. Of. The. Great. German. And. Bohemian. Pilsners. Of. The. 19th. Century. A. Shock. To. The. System. Maybe. But. A. Good. One. A. Really. Good. One. This. Is. Lager. Reclaimed. Perfected. Renewed. This. Is. Lager. As. It. Should. Be. End. Of."  Think BrewDog have gone a bit mad with the fullstops. What. The. Full. Stop. Pull out all the stops and you're just left with great tasting lager :)

Game: Started New Game + Batman: Arkham Knight, partly in the hope I can pick up missing / glitched Riddler trophies. NG+ is totally difficult by the way! Unlike in real life, you no longer see the wiggly lines above the baddies heads just before they attack you.  This makes it tricky to counter.

But forget that, check out the 1989 movie Batmobile! It's lived up to expectations, racing around Joker / Penguin themed tracks based on the movies. The Tumbler is the next Batmobile available soon as DLC. Looking forward to that and some more tracks.

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