Sunday, 15 November 2015

Amber Ale (Fourpure Brewing)

Amber Ale (Fourpure Brewing)
Name: Amber Ale
Label: "Inspired by Colarado USA"
Brewery: Fourpure Brewing
ABV: 5.1%

Tasting notes: "Fourpure is a London based family brewery founded in 2013. Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspires us to brew. We believe craft beer should always be bold and flavourful - enjoy one of ours, kept fresh in this can."  Craft ale in a can! Who'd have thought it?!

Game: I'm increasingly concerned that I've spent a tit-load of money on Star Wars Battlefront and it's not going to hold my attention for long.   There's only so many times that finishing mid-table or watching yet another AT-AT fall over can keep me entertained. Thinking positively though it's hopefully something I can dip into from time to time over the course of a year or two until Battlefront 2 comes out. And even though there's no single player, it's still got more story than Destiny...

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