Sunday, 8 November 2015

Barry Island IPA (Brains Craft Brewery)

Barry Island IPA (Brains Craft Brewery)
Name: Barry Island IPA
Label: "An American style IPA - Collaboration brew with Simon Martin"
Brewery: Brains Craft Brewery
ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes: "Created by Simon Martin, aka Mr Real Ale Guide, this India Pale Ale was inspired by the 'IPA revolution' across the pond. The boy from Barry has used a trio of hops from the US in this pale coloured ale, which is bursting with citrus aromas. A unique smooth malt taste upfront is finished off by a vigorous bitterness and a 'tidy' clout of citrus and berry hop flavours." Barry Island sounds like a really rubbish holiday destination. Like the George Coast or the Timothy Isles.

Game: Started to play The Walking Dead by Telltale games again. This time the Xbox One version. I've took some alternative choices this time round. Made the opposite decisions to what I made on the 360 version and I've made a startling discovery! Generally the choices don't make all that much difference to how the game pans out! Bit like real life, stuff just happens as its intended to happen and you're just given the ILLUSION of choice!  This is getting a bit heavy so I'm off to drink some more beer. It's still a great game though by the way...

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