Saturday, 31 October 2015

Atlantic White (Brains Craft Brewery)

Atlantic White (Brains Craft Brewery)
Name: Atlantic White
Label: "A US hopped Belgian style witbier"
Brewery: Brains Craft Brewery
ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes: "Atlantic White blends the tradition of Belgian 'Wit' beers and the hop-character of American IPAs to produce a 'White IPA'. Brewed with wheat malt and Belgian wit yeast the addition of freshly crushed coriander seeds, Curacao orange and US hops gives a light refreshing beer with a zesty and spicy finish."

Game: So I was wondering what new enemies we'd get to fight in the Hearts of Stone Witcher DLC and I was hoping it wouldn't be spiders but then after playing it for a few hours I was like, "spiders... why did it have to be giant spiders"?  It's spiders you see, One of the new enemies is spiders. #SadCobwebbyFace  Also, they turned the difficulty up to eleven. Actually the enemies are levelled up to the mid-thirtys. Amazing DLC. Have at it!

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