Monday, 19 October 2015

Firecatcher (Wychwood)

Firecatcher (Wychwood)Name: Firecatcher
Label: "Dazzling Golden Beer"
Brewery: Wychwood
ABV: 3.5%

Tasting notes: "The warming hints of honeyed nectar will spark the intense and sharp gooseberry flames. A refreshingly crisp catch smoldering in citrus aromas that will leave you glowing inside."

Game: Pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition. We liked the beta a lot judging by the stats. Walker Assault on Hoth was great but the level of immersion was dented somewhat by the hero powerups which see Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader join the fray. I can understand Vader messing about on Hoth, jumping around like a knob and lightsabering rebels, I guess that's why he was late getting to the Millenium Falcon. What I don't get is how Luke managed to change out of his orange flight-suit and don his Return of the Jedi clothes.  Presumably when the rebel base was overrun he then got changed back into his orange flight-suit in order to get in his X-Wing to go to Dagobah. Lucky Hoth had heated changing rooms!

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