Thursday, 8 October 2015

Withens Pale Ale (Little Valley Brewery)

Name: Withens Pale Ale
Label: "Organic Bottle Conditioned - Brewed in Yorkshire - Light and Hoppy"
Brewery: Little Valley Brewery
ABV: 3.9%

Rating: "Light and bright, Withens Pale Ale uses refreshing floral Cascade hops with hints of spice, orange and citrus, giving a delicious dry bitter finish. Withens Pale Ale is a bottle conditioned beer. Connoisseurs prize such beer as it continues to mature in the bottle and carbonates naturally."  I prized it, not because I'm a connoisseurs but because it's awesome!

Game: Initial thought regarding Star Wars Battlefront: OH MY GOD IT LOOKS AMAZING!!  Playing the Beta, and I suck at the multiplayer, Drop Zone on Sullust, but did OK against the 6 waves of baddies on Tattooine in single player.  Now to try the Hoth Walker Assault. It warns me to level up before trying the Walker Assault. Yeah right! Did Dak level up before he went to Hoth? Did he balls. And he did alright... oh no hang on...

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