Tuesday, 8 December 2015

IPA (Fourpure Brewing)

IPA (Fourpure Brewing)
Name: IPA
Label: "Inspired by Oregon USA"
Brewery: Fourpure Brewing
ABV: 6.5%

Tasting notes: "Fourpure is a London based family brewery founded in 2013. Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspires us to brew. We believe craft beer should always be bold and flavourful - enjoy one of ours, kept fresh in this can."

Game: So prize for Most Poorly Designed Bit of Gaming 2015 goes to Batman Arkham Knight DLC, Catwoman's Revenge. There's a battle with Riddler's robots on a floor, a large proportion of which is electrified seriously restricting movement. So it basically renders useless one of the best things about the Batman Arkham series, the fight mechanics. For example you can't do a special takedown move because it usually ends up with Catwoman sat on the electrified floor being sapped of energy while the animation plays out. Ditto for some counters where Catwoman ends the animation in a different position, usually on an electrified part of the floor. Even the evade move is not an option because she jumps quite far, usually ending up on... you guessed it, the electrified floor.  Bit moany, but so what. It's spoilt an otherwise enjoyable item of DLC.

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