Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bootlegger Apple Brew (Dockyard Distillers)

Bootlegger Apple Brew (Dockyard Distillers)
Name: Bootlegger
Label: "A genuine old fashioned apple brew with white grain spirit flavour"
Brewery: Dockyard Distillers
ABV: 5.5%

Tasting notes: "In the years of prohibition America, moonshiners used fruit juice to sweeten their raw illicit booze before transporting it in used barrels. Inspired by these lawless rebels, Bootlegger apple brew has a distinct taste with white grain spirit flavour." I had a horrible feeling this was going to taste like cider. Pleasingly it taste like appley beer!

Game: Back to mop up unfinished side-missions and collectings in Witcher 3.  Geralt was becoming over-encumbered too easily so time to check the old  inventory. You know when you've been collecting too much stuff when you've got 10 copper mugs, 15 corks, 33 flasks, 23 vials, 8 silver pantaloons, 16 smoking pipes, 9 blunt axes, 22 skulls, 18 piles of ash, 19 silver teapots, 42 animal hides of various descriptions, 3 rotting fleshes and a broken oar!  That's not half of the stuff!

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