Saturday, 3 September 2016

Night Boat (Madness)

Night Boat (Madness)Name: Night Boat
Label: "London Porter - Last Beer Along the River Nile - Beers with a touch of Madness"
Brewery: Madness Brewing Co (Portobello)
ABV: 4.6%

Tasting notes: "A delightfully rich velvet London Porter, has been brewed by our friends at Portobello Brewery. Packed to the rafters with cappuccino, chocolate, hazelnut and dark fruit aromas, it's a beer with a taste for adventure. So when it's just gone noon, half past monsoon, open a chilled Night Boat, pour slowly into a glass and savour one of Capital City's finest offerings. Cheers!"

Game: Final review of Heavy Rain on PS4. Yeah. Umm. It was... good. Horrible start but it definitely improved. Weird vibe about it, not super-dissimilar from Deadly Premonition. Some absolutely abysmal voice acting adds to the weirdness and charm. I only saw one ending. It didn't end well. I assume I fuzzed up big time.
Rating: 6 weirds out of 10 

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