Monday, 19 December 2016

Ten Story Malt Bomb (Alechemy)

Ten Story Malt Bomb (Alechemy)
Name: Ten Story Malt Bomb
Label: "Modern 80/-"
Brewery: Alechemy
ABV: 4.5%

Tasting notes: "A modern take on the traditional Scottish 80/- using 10 varieities of malt" This means 80 shillings by the way. A way of labelling the worth/strength, so a stronger beer would by 90/-. The currency is no longer used but this labelling system is er, also no longer used... except on this beer it would seem. We likes it. A lot.

Game: Trying out Burnout Paradise, Xbox 360 backwards compatible and free with Games with Gold. It's good. Although I tend to get bored of randomly driving round a city doing stunts and stuff. Give me a hidden blade and some Templar necks to slice any day. However, missed Burnout first time round and this has lots of potential. The bit where you bounce a trashed car down the road trashing as many other cars as you can being a highlight at the moment.

Initial rating: 7 wrecks out of 10

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