Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Vipa (Tyris)

Vipa (Tyris)
Name: Vipa
Label: "Cerveza Artesanal"
Brewery: Tyris Craft & Creative Beers
ABV: 6.1%

Tasting notes: "En el siglo XVIII, las colonias indias britanicas demandaban cerveza. El maestro cervercero George Hodgson creo una receta con mas alcohol y una lupulacion mas potente para que soportara las contingencias del viaje, que podia durar hasta 3 meses. Asi nace VIPA, nuestra Valencian Indian Pale Ale" -  OK wow, my Italian isn't that great but from what I can tell, this is an Indian Pale Ale from Valencia that George Hodgson brewed cos some dudes demanded beer in the 18th century...?

Game: Time to play Gears of War 4. Not describing it because you know what Gears of War is about. This time it's just got bigger, badder monsters and some rubbish robots at the beginning. Brill though. And this time it actually contains some massive gears and cogs. Massive, massive gears and cogs.

Rating: 8 generic robots out of 10

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