Tuesday, 1 August 2017

IPA (Belhaven)

IPA (Belhaven)
Name: IPA
Label: "Original Scottish Craft - Golden, Fresh, Aromatic"
Brewery: Belhaven
ABV: 4.2%

Tasting notes: "India Pale Ales were first brewed in the 19th century, when the refreshing bite of beers brewed with extra hops became very popular in India. In America a century or more later, IPAs evolved into super-strong, super-hoppy beers. Our Scottish take on the style is closer to those original exports - a fine golden pale ale brewed with Fuggles, Willamette and Styrian hops to give a an aromatic nose with spicy, tropical fruit and lemon zest notes and a brisk, refreshing flavour."

Game: Today was random purchase Tuesday. After the excessive expenditure that was Elite Dangerous [yeah you're a bit shit at that game aren't you - Ed] we splashed out a whole English pound (£1) re-buying Aliens Colonial Marines. Was it *really* as bad as everyone said it was when it was first released? We can't remember much about it so the incoming review will be without any baggage or prior knowledge of what it should or should not be [it appears your memory is as bad as your gaming skills - Ed].

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