Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sussex (Hepworth)

Sussex (Hepworth)
Name: Sussex
Label: "Traditional Pale Ale - Sussex hops and & barley - Naturally Gluten Free"
Brewery: Hepworth & Co Brewers
ABV: 3.5%

Tasting notes: "Sussex is a well hopped traditional Pale Ale. Thirst quenching and traditionally brewed with the finest Sussex grown ingredients: malted barley, Golding and Admiral Hops. It carries the "Warranty of Origin" to guarantee our commitment to creating excellent beers from the highest quality local ingredients."

Game: So we've been playing Aliens: Colonial Marines and it's actually NOT THAT BAD! There, I've said it [no, you shouted it - Ed].  It's no Alien Isolation but then it wasn't trying to be (because Alien Isolation hadn't been invented then). But if you want a corridor shooter and you want Aliens and you've only got a quid, this game has you covered.

Revised rating: 6 facehugs out of 10

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