Sunday, 20 June 2010

Captain Smiths (Titanic)

Captain Smiths
Name: Captain Smiths
Label: "Classic ales by Titanic Brewery
Brewery: Titanic
ABV: 5.2%

Rating: Captain Smith's last reported words as he went down with the ship were "be British boys, be British"

Game: The World Cup is well under way and in the group stage after two games so far Spain have lost, France have lost and Germany have lost. England haven't lost a game and yet the fans, lucky enough to be there, boo the team off the pitch after a 0 - 0 result against Algeria. Rooney loses his temper with the fans. I'm with Wayne on this one I think. The fans are whining that its cost so much money to get to South Africa. I guess they're forgetting that they haven't paid thousands of pounds just to watch England, they've also paid for their airfare, their hotel, their sustenance, oh and because they've gone on HOLIDAY.

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