Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rhymney Bitter (Rhymney)

Rhymney Bitter
Name: Rhymney Bitter
Label: "Refreshing and full of flavour - Brewed to quench the fieriest of thirsts - Affordable indulgence"
Brewery: Rhymney Brewery
ABV: 4.5%

Rating: It says on the back label that this is a complicated beer using 4 types of Warminster Malt. This may sound slightly pretentious but is a surprisingly accurate description.

Game: No gaming recently because of the World Cup. Just received an email about the new Xbox 360. Spin sucks, so here are the new features as advised on the official email but with my comments tagged on the end:

Sleek New Design
A bold design and the glossy, black finish mean that the new Xbox 360 looks every bit as good as it performs. (So the Xbox 360 I have doesn't look every bit as good as it performs? The Elite console was black, does that also look shit now all of a sudden?)

Built-in Wi-Fi
Easily connect to Xbox LIVE, play with friends all over the world, and experience a world of entertainment. (Is it difficult to connect to Xbox LIVE now? No, but if so what makes this new one any easier? Just because the Wi-Fi is built in rather than something you stick in the back of the machine? Can't I play with friends all over the world now and also experience a world of entertainment? Yes I can, so WTF?)

250GB Hard Drive
The giant hard drive is perfect for downloading and storing HD films, games, game add-ons, music and more. (Is that really necessary? Films delete themselves after a few days or something so you ain't storing them long-term, and downloadable games and add-ons are such a stinking rip-off we should all be boycotting them anyway. And the DLC seems to be on the disc anyway - looking at you Bioshock 2.)

Whisper Quiet
The new Xbox 360 runs whisper quiet, allowing you to play games and watch films without interference. (I'm not interfered with at the moment when playing or watching films - chance would be a fine thing. And if I was being interfered with, how does a whispering Xbox solve this?)

Oh and Kinect my arse.

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