Monday, 9 August 2010

Monument (Cotleigh)

Name: Monument
Label: "Finest Somerset Beers - An explosion of flavours originating from American Cascade hops gives this brilliant pale golden beer a fresh aroma and fruit filled finish"
Brewery: Cotleigh Brewery
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: Brewed to celebrate the Town of Wellington and its' Food Festivals. "Category winner" at Excellence in Food and Drink Awards 2006. Can't argue with that.

Game: Just finished Splinter Cell: Conviction.  This game is a really enjoyable action/stealth shooter, the only problem is that a big deal has been made of the Co Op and mulitplayer modes. As a result, the solo campaign seems ridiculously short. Shame, because the "mark and execute" is a splendidly satisfying game mechanic, and shooting unaware dudes in the head didn't even have chance to get old. 7/10

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