Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tawny Owl (Cotleigh)

Tawny Owl
Name: Tawny Owl
Label: "Tawny Owl premium bitter is a classic west country beer whose robust malty nose has hints of toffee and citrus fruit"
Brewery: Cotleigh Brewery
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: Continuing a 200 year old Georgian brewing tradition in Wiveliscombe, Cotleigh Brewery has become one of the most successful award winning independent breweries in England producing around three million pints of beer each year. Three million people can't be wrong (or the person who has drunk three million pints can't be wrong, their liver might be a bit iffy by now though).

Game: Gamestation have a bit of an awesome offer on at the moment, four games for £20.  So with each game cheaper than a small round of drinks and as games rarely result in me waking up the following day throwing up and having a headache, it's a win win situation. Need for Speed Undercover, Bourne Conspiracy, Red Faction: Guerilla and Dark Void are now filling the current gaming er, void.  What better way to remedy gaming burnout than by buying four new games!

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